Francis Kenneth - Logo

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve launched this website, but everything seems to be moving very quickly. I’m surprised with how smooth and easy it actually is to run this (with the help of some very good friends of mine, of course).

One of those friends being the infamous Arthur Lien. Better known for his dancing with b-boy crew, Instant Noodles (as seen on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” among others), Arthur is also an up and coming graphic designer constructing and adding on to his budding portfolio. This guy, straight up, does magic (effortlessly, might I add). One of his projects includes the logo he created for me (as seen above). I envisioned something clean-cut, black and white, modern and represented me. A couple weeks later, voila! Arthur drops this SUPA HOT FIRE.

I can continue to go on and on about how stoked I am for this logo and what a pleasure it is to work with Mr. Lien, but I’ll end it with a thank you to Arthur and kudos, props, whatever you want to call it… like Eli, he did it.

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