Just when I thought I had enough ties, I spotted this little guy lying fearlessly amongst the others. You might call it bold to wear a red shirt with a turquoise tie that looks like a kindergartener drew whales all over it, but it’s that “dare to be different” attitude that pushes against the monotony of your average neckwear.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to challenge yourself and the norm of men’s fashion when it comes to the tie you choose with your outfit. Ties, like shoes and hats, can make or break your entire getup. They, believe it or not, say a lot about you. While it’s easy to fall in the trap of sporting a solid tie on a solid button up (I really can’t blame anyone for doing so), patterns and colors make make a world of a difference.

My advice? Try pattern on pattern like a plaid tie on a gingham shirt or a polka dot tie on a plaid shirt. Whatever you end up choosing, BE COURAGEOUS (and be brave). You might be stepping out of your comfort zone, but once you have the right pieces together, you’ll feel that much better overall. You may even be surprised with all the compliments thrown at you.

So, next time you go to work, an interview, a big event, on a date or just out with the guys, mix it up and let your shirt and tie say a little something about you.

I almost always go with a double windsor knot (mostly because that’s what we were taught in boot camp, mostly).


Cotton On Peacoat | J. Crew Shirt | J. Crew “Whale Critter” Tie | Levi’s 520 “Extreme Taper” Jeans | Clarks Desert Boots

Rancho Palos Verdes, California


Sylvia G Photgraphy

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