Francis Kenneth

“Home is where the heart is.”

I’m in love with modern architectural design, always have and always will. Something about it’s minimalism and focus on vertical and horizontal lines calls to me. I, also, have an obsession with organization and cleanliness. Doctors call it OCD, I call it life.

Recently, the never ending renovation of downtown LA has brought about some sick living spaces, warehouses and lofts to be exact. This past Friday, one of my best friends, Arshad, had his 26th “Bad Ass” birthday party in a loft he rented out near the location of which these photos were taken. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in for a treat. Amongst the decorations and always delicious food that Arshad’s parties have become famous for, the loft itself was “2 legit.” Concrete flooring, steel and glass partitions, built in shelving, high ceilings, sky lights, and floor to ceiling windows, it was a dream come true. The owners of the house had some cool pop art on the walls, and more importantly, a framed tour poster of a hardcore show I went to a long, long time ago (kudos to them).

I cannot wait to build a house of my own. It’s going to be EPIC, complete with a rock wall instead of stairs, slide that goes from my bedroom to the pool, a moat with sharks, and a fully furnished recording studio. Shut up, let me dream!

Sorry this post had nothing to do with Elvis Costello.

Francis Kenneth

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Francis Kenneth
Los Angeles, California


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