Francis Kenneth - It's All a Sham

I hate the Celtics. The Boston Celtics, that is. It’s because of them that I don’t think very highly of wearing the color green. I guess you can call me a die hard Lakers fan.

While I’m at it, I’m, also, not very fond of waiting until certain days of the year to get together and celebrate with family and friends. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is one them just like the lovely Valentine’s. What’s particularly bothersome is that we observe them for the wrong reasons. Yes, I’m equally as guilty as the next person for doing so (crucify me).

Seriously though, let’s think about this for a second. Corned beef and cabbage, shamrocks, and green everything? Hallmark cards, chocolate, and 50 shades of red? It’s all a sham.

My good friend/old roommate, Paul Hickey, was never a big fan of celebrating the holidays or birthdays. Anytime one would come up, he brushed it off like it was no big deal. It took me a while to understand why that was, until I started to notice his random gifting and acts of kindness on the other days of the year. It made me realize the importance of treating everyday like a holiday/birthday. He made me appreciate the little things, and he’ll never know how much of an impact that it’s made on me (until he reads this, of course).

It’s easy to take everyday for granted, so let’s party till we’re dead.

Francis Kenneth - It's All a Sham

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Francis Kenneth - It's All a Sham

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Francis Kenneth - It's All a Sham
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