I titled this entry freedom (or lack-thereof) because it couldn’t be anymore true of how the last month or so has been for me. So much so, that I really didn’t have much free time to post. However, now that I no longer have any obligations (for the most part) to the military, I’ll be back to my blogger ways. Sorry for leaving all my loyal followers hanging like that, but hey, I’m back and I’m free!

To summarize, last Friday was my last working day in the US Navy. Yesterday, I started what we call “Terminal Leave” until my “End of Active Obligated Service” at the end of the month. From there, I’ll be in the “Individual Readiness Reserve” for a couple years. Basically, all it means is that I’m on vacation until my contract ends, and if needed, they can call me back to active duty. The Navy has yet to do that, so let’s hope that trend continues!

Although, I did well for my short time in (advancing to E-5 within my first enlistment, qualifying for the Fleet Marine Force pin, deploying, earning the Navy Achievement Medal, etcetera), I felt that a Navy career wasn’t for me. I knew that I needed a different, more difficult challenge to fulfill my life, so despite all the success, I made the decision to pursue something else. With that being said, there’s nothing in the world that I would trade for the people, places, training, knowledge and experiences I encountered while serving, so if any of my fellow service members are reading this, thank you for everything. All of it would’ve been for nothing without you. You know how to get a hold of me, so please don’t hesitate to do so!

FOR THE RECORD | The saying, “the military isn’t for everyone” is true, but it doesn’t always mean the experience was a bad one, or that the person doesn’t have what it takes. I so happen to have bigger, better things waiting ahead. Just wait and see…

Also, this photo was taken for the “Hometown Heroes” military service recognition program for the city of Torrance. It’ll be on a banner hung up somewhere along Torrance Boulevard in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Sylvia G Photography

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