After the Shwa Inc. summer line lookbook photo shoot Long Beach, the team decided to find a spot nearby for some grub, so we hit up Beachwood BBQ, “Where the Fork Meets the Pork.” In this edition, Sly and I decided to share our meal. We started off with the Blackened Albacore Sashimi that was cold smoked and seared, and served with a Pepper Cabbage Slaw and Chili Cream (above). I’m a huge fan of seared tuna, so this was a no brainer. It was seasoned well, light, refreshing, and most importantly, smoked almost to perfection. I hate when meat, with the exception of bacon, is overcooked, so I was stoked that these guys did it right. Our main course was the “dry rubbed and smoked slow with applewood, almond, and oak” Baby Back RibsBrisket, and Pulled Pork dinner plate, accompanied with Skillet Baked Cornbread, Smoked Asparagus, and Sweet Potato Fries (below). I think that description and the photo below say it all…

FK YES | American BBQ. The way it should be. There aren’t very many good spots in the South Bay, that I know of at least, so it’s always awesome to find them elsewhere. Speaking of which, hey Lucille’s, you’re done.
Outside patio. Blazing hot sun and no shade over our table made for a very bad combination. My neck was blackened like the meat, and I was sweating my tits off. Yes, I’m being totally serious. Comfort matters during your dining experience.

Good food. Great prices. 2 FKs were given.
(0 FKs = Poor. 1 FK = Satisfactory. 2 FKs  = Good. 3 FKs = Excellent)

Long Beach, California

Randy Tran Photography

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