Part two of three of our Norcal trip. In this edition, we visit the state capitol: Sacramento. Here we go!

Actually, let’s not. Sorry Sactown, but just like your Kings, your first impression was an epic fail. Alright, alright, that was a little harsh. Maybe I’ll give you another chance when I go back up in June. I can definitely say that it had nothing to do with the rain. Honestly, I loved that it rained cats and dogs when we were there, but it wasn’t enough for me to ever want to go back. So, bye Felicia.

This day’s highlights include lunch at Tower Cafe (dat Korean fried chicken doe), and dinner at Pho Lee Hoa Phat. Yep, just food because that’s how we do.

Oh, and check out Sly’s blog post about the trip here, and check out #FKSlyTravisAFB on Instagram!

OUTFIT (BELOW) | Umbrella by J. Crew. Sweater by Levi’s. Shirt by J. Crew. Tie by J. Crew. Tie Clip by Ben Sherman. Belt by Penguin. “Spitfire” Jeans by Cotton On. Boots by Ska-Doo at Urban Outfitters.

Vacaville, California

Sylvia G Photography

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