How many leather jackets is too many? The limit does not exist. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!

In all seriousness, I had to get rid of one to make room for what is now my favorite black leather jacket in rotation this season. They made sure every detail counts with this piece. Funny enough, what I love most about it is what you can’t see when it’s on, the red lining and patch on the inside. Even funnier is that I was never a huge fan of patches and embroidery until my gf introduced me to some rad threads while we “shopped” (I don’t really shop) over the summer. Now I’m hooked, helppp.

OUTFIT | Jacket c/o Schott NYC x Sailor Jerry. T-Shirt c/o US Blanks. Watch c/o Meister. Pants c/o The Black Tux. Socks c/o Richer Poorer. Shoes c/o The House of Future.

Los Angeles, CA | Photos by Allen Daniel

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