Best of 2016? I got a day job in Manhattan Beach, working with some of the most amazing women and dogs (go #teamXOMAD)! I moved into a new apartment with my brother. I traveled to Sydney, Las Vegas, Tucson, Seoul, Chicago, San Diego, and most recently, Big Bear Lake (I’m probably missing a few, but you get the point). I connected and befriended some of the coolest influencers in the game. I collaborated with more brands than I could’ve ever hoped for. Above and beyond all that, I survived a long distance relationship my better half, Melanie Dylan Kim Min Jung (AKA “MJ”). While most people would say 2016 was terrible, I would argue the exact opposite. I can only imagine what opportunities 2017 has for me. Welp, this was supposed to be a recap of this year’s highlights, but ended up turning into a humble brag. Ain’t mad.

Special thanks to Azusa, Justin, and Mariel for the spontaneous, last minute trip. Although we spent majority of the time “working,” I can’t think of a better way to end the year than with likeminded creatives doing what they do best.

OUTFIT | Coat c/o Singer and Sargent. Scarf c/o Ben Sherman. Sweater c/o US Blanks. T-Shirt c/o Matiere. Watch c/o Meister. Gloves c/o Sosa Basics. Jeans c/o Hudson. Socks c/o Richer Poorer. Luggage and Backpack c/o Herschel Supply Co.

Big Bear Lake, CA | Photos by Justin Quebral

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