I’ve made a lot of impulsive (perhaps poor) decisions in my life, but my trip this past weekend to celebrate the last leg of #lisalinhturns29 has to be at the top. In fact, a lot of these spontaneous “decisions” have been the brainchild of Lisa. Don’t get me started about our suicide trip to Las Vegas last summer, which I’m still attempting to recover from. Anyway, let’s get to it…

Despite Delta Airlines delaying us and cutting into my (less than) 24 hours in Cabo San Lucas, I gotta say, it was one hell of a day. As soon as we touched down in Mexico, we took a $100, 45-minute “private taxi” to Grand Solmar. How anything costs that much in Mexico was beyond me, but I digress. Upon our arrival to the resort, we checked-in and got straight to work. It’s worth mentioning that this was also my first time shooting with Jenn. I’d only seen her work through mutual blogger friends, but I had a good feeling going into it. Needless to say, she was super easy to work with, and as you can tell by the photos above, she’s a pro. Legit, for lack of a better word. After knocking out a couple outfits, we all got to take a breath, unwind, and finally experience Cabo. Now, I can go on and on about what we did and where (as if the photos don’t say it all), but Lisa already did the honors (here). Instead, I’ll leave you with some advice.

The first and most obvious being, stay for the entirety of a weekend if not longer. I don’t regret much in life, but damn, what I would give to have had at least another day. Oh well. Secondly, avoid Americanized, tourist traps by opting for local favorites like brunch at Maria Corona (top 5 carnitas tacos I’ve ever had). When in doubt, ask a local. Thirdly, get plenty of rest before going out for nightlife. I’m almost positive we hit every club in the main area, and while everything was within walking distance, I was exhausdead by the end of the early morning. Last but not least, find yourself solid accommodations. Grand Solmar *hint hint* has some several amenities and eateries, breathtaking views, and most importantly of all, luxurious rooms. Go big or go home.

Shout out to Lisa, Jenn, other Jenn for some memorable moments that I won’t mention here, and special thanks to Solmar resorts for the warm hospitality.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Photos by XJENN3

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