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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”

With how much time we spend looking at our smart phones and computers (all day and night for people like me), you’d expect our eyes to quit on us. Remembering to give ourselves a break from digital screens is optimum! Equally, perhaps more essential is your annual eye exam. As a former US Navy Hospital Corpsman (“medic” for you non-military folk), I got to witness the significance of healthcare, including optometry and ophthalmology. Fun Fact: I had corrective eye surgery (PRK not Lasik) back in 2012, and never looked back.

Despite being one of those guys who usually just sucks it up until the aches and pains are completely unbearable, my eyesight is one thing I never mess around with, and neither should you. Whether it’s a simple prescription or detecting common eye diseases, your eye doctor will get you checked out and have you looking good in no time. Although my vision is 20/20 or better these days, my eyes are still highly susceptible to damage. Thankfully these Face à Face Paris eyeglasses look pretty cool, and more importantly feature a blue light filter and an anti-reflective treatment to combat blue light exposure and digital eye strain. Clutch!

When’s the last time you had your eyes scoped out?

OUTFIT | Eyeglasses by Face à Face Paris c/o Eyecessorize. Jacket c/o Forever 21. T-Shirt c/o Forever 21. Watch c/o Timex. Jeans c/o Forever 21. Socks c/o Richer Poorer. Boots c/o Mark Nason Los Angeles.

Simi Valley, CA | Photos by Justin Quebral

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