In partnership with Buck Mason.

Unintentional Run DMC inspired outfit for last week’s event, A CAVA Culinary Adventure at Hedley & Bennett.

If you follow me on IG, then you know I shared the entire experience on my Instagram Stories. If you missed it, sucks to suck. The food and drinks were good (as expected), we got to meet the CAVA founders and team as well as hear the story about how it all started. Food aside though. Yes, I know these aren’t Adidas. Again, this wasn’t planned, and K-Swiss surprised with this pair. That said, I’m not mad with how this look turned out at all. Even better? I wore this black long sleeve tee from Buck Mason all day, and it transitioned seamlessly from my day to night job. Yes, I said from work to work. I need a break. TGIF. Just kidding, I have a long, long week waiting for me in Sin City.

Wish me luck. Pray for me. Send positive vibes. I’ll need it all.

OUTFIT | Shirt c/o Buck Mason. Necklaces c/o Rust and Regret. Watch c/o Meister. Jeans c/o Matiere. Socks c/o Richer Poorer. Shoes c/o K-Swiss.

Vernon, CA | Photos by Azusa Takano


  1. Brett wrote:

    what’s going on Francis? Thanks for your service bro! info on hat?