Despite these next several months being my least favorite of the year (I strongly dislike the heat, which I obviously haven’t said enough since the start of this blog), the good people at 7 Diamonds came through in the clutch with a couple pieces from their latest spring/summer 2017 collection.

In the first look, I’m sporting a pair of their hybrid shorts in an outfit that screams pool parties. To my surprise, they’re made to seamlessly transition from (actually) swimming in the pool/at the beach to walking/running around. You know your boy loves his camo, so no surprises there.

In the second look, I’m wearing their denim shirt in a western inspired outfit. It’s all about tones with this one, and a light blue top with off-white bottoms will always be your friend during this season. Throw in some brown accents to bring it all together, and you have your uniform for all the warm evenings to come.

Manhattan Beach, CA | Photos by Randy Tran

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