*California legalizes marijuana once*

COURSE 1 | Blue Dream by Absolute Xtracts. Red lettuce salad with jicama shavings, rainbow carrots, and pepitas dressed in blueberry dressing.

COURSE 2 | Lemon OG by Lola Lola. Beef kabob with roasted corn and potatoes, avocado mash, and turmeric chimichurri.

COURSE 3 | Pineapple Afghani by Absolute Xtracts. Merengue bombe glacee, grilled pineapple bourbon, caramel ice cream and mango safflower.

GIFT BAG | Hippo Treats. THC Design, Akana Westing, Rezn Extracts, and quality concentrates (not pictured).

OUTFIT | Eyeglasses c/o Covry. Watch c/o Meister. Sweater c/o Hudson.

The event promo said we’ve never been to a tasting like this, and they were 100% right.

Last week, Q and I had the pleasure of attending our first cannabis tasting, Lifted and Gifted 420 presented by High Standards Agency. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but like all new experiences, we went in with an open-mind. As you can see, this was a pretty elaborate dinner by Chef Lisa, and the complementing cannabis strains were top notch. In short, IT WAS LIT. I WAS LIT. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was still high from the event.

If you’ve ever wanted to have an elevated experience, then look no further. Check out their next event here.

Los Angeles, CA | Photos by Justin Quebral

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