Let me repeat myself. If I had to live anywhere else in California, it would without a doubt be San Diego. Let me show and tell you why.

OUTFIT | Sunglasses c/o Covry. Watch c/o Meister. Belt c/o Anderson’s Belts. Shoes c/o SWIMS.


If this place were in LA, there would be lines of people out the door trying to get their Instagram on.

Everything from the decor to the food is picture perfect.

I’m not a matcha enthusiast or expert by any means, but I’d say this cafe does it justice. I recommend the matcha horchata and donuts.

Oh, and don’t forget to take your selfie in the restroom mirror. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.


THIS IS A MUST. I don’t care what else you do in SD, but you’re required to dedicate an hour here at the very least. There’s just too much to see, too much to do. You’re better off planning an entire day around it.

The botanical garden in particular is one of the most gorgeous, peaceful places that I find myself always going back to. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds and capture some pretty epic shots of the architecture and scenery.

OUTFIT | Hat c/o Stetson. Boots c/o Blundstone.


One word, BRUNCH. I would argue that San Diego is one of the best cities for my favorite meal of the day, and this restaurant is yet another to check out.

Bloody Mary, mussels, and crab cakes. If you don’t try these, you’re missing out. Straight up.


Coffee break.

Shout out to DriveShop for letting us cruise around in style with a top of the line, fully loaded Hyundai Genesis. I felt like such a baller driving the girls in this luxe beauty. Highly considering getting a new car. HELP.


OUTFIT | Rings c/o In God We Must. Watch c/o Meister. Jeans c/o Hudson. Boots c/o Guess.

“Modern California flavors with an Italian twist.” NAILED IT.

I order you to order anything and everything. You won’t be disappointed.

Almost everything is made from scratch, and the menu changes weekly to feature the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

If you’re a fan of cocktails (whiskey in particular), I strongly recommend the Madison, and if you’re a meat-eater like me, the Wagyu-Ribeye and Lamb Sirloin will satisfy your carnivorous appetite.


Shout out to Goby for keeping my teeth clean and my breath fresh. Y’all know your boy eats and drinks like there’s no tomorrow, and this electric toothbrush is just what the doctor ordered (yes, dentists are doctors too).

OUTFIT | T-Shirt c/o Selectiv. Jeans c/o Hudson. Boots c/o New Republic Man.

I lived in a pretty nice spot in Mission Valley several years ago, but Circa 37 is next level. Thanks to Synergy Housing, the girls and I were living large and comfortably in a fully furnished apartment stocked with snacks and drinks (not pictured) to really make us feel at home. I love staying at hotels, but this accommodation has me reconsidering my options in the near future. In fact, I’ll be back in the area this summer, and you better believe I’ll try to move in this time around (half-joking).

Special thanks to Lisa and MJ for tagging along last minute on what was supposed to be a chill weekend to get my sleeve shaded at Apogee Tattoo Parlour. Turned out to be another trip for the books.

Stay classy, San Diego.

San Diego, CA | Photos by Lisa Linh


  1. You are crushing it bro! Great work!