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As you know, the sun and I are not on the best of terms. Things are a little complicated. Yes, I know it’s essential to my life, but an unhealthy combination of heat, UV rays, and the fact that it’s always the center of attention, or the solar system rather, doesn’t exactly make it a relationship that I want to be a part of. Unfortunately for me, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s inevitable, and the sun will still be shining long after my time is up (or will it?). Who knows.

You’re probably wondering why any of this matters. Well, just like sunblock or sunscreen for your skin, sunglasses for your eyes are equally important (surprise!) in protecting yourself from the brightest star of them all. Besides me, of course.

According to a survey by The Vision Council, a whopping 31% percent of American adults report wearing sunglasses every time they go outside, and 27% report they don’t wear sunglasses outdoors AT ALL. That is insane! Am I the only one who’s ever looked directly at the sun and was immediately blinded??? Do the rest of these non-sunglass-wearing adults live in caves??? I need answers, and I need them now!

For the rest of you who don’t live in complete darkness, do yourself a favor and look for a pair of sunnies that will protect you, with comfort and style, and fits into your daily activities – like these stunnas…

OUTFIT | Sunglasses by Shwood c/o The Vision Council. Jacket by GUESS c/o Urban Outfitters. Boots by Shoe the Bear c/o Urban Outfitters.

Newport Beach, CA | Photos by Justin Quebral

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